How to Move a Manufactured Home in Oregon

Manufactured homes are an advantageous path for numerous to secure reasonable housing. The nature of mobile or measured homes is currently comparable with numerous stick-manufactured homes. There are different advantages simultaneously, for example having the capacity to relocate a mobile home from a recreation center to your own particular land and put it on a foundation. The logistics of moving such extensive structures requires expert help, in any case.

The state of Oregon has various regulations for moving a manufactured home. With careful planning and the assistance of an authorized manufactured home mover, your new home might be sited and set up in Oregon with no setbacks.


  1. Check zoning regulations on land you claim or plan to buy. Not all neighborhoods will acknowledge manufactured homes. Get a position allow from the local Planning Department. Check with the city for a great deal in town. Apply to the district planning branch in the event that you wish to set your home on rustic land.
  2. Get an excursion allow from the region assessor’s office. You will require a grant for every area of your manufactured home. A twofold wide moved in two areas, for instance, will require two licenses at five dollars each. Just authorized movers can move your home, and excursion allows can likewise be procured from them.
  3. Get an over extent fluctuation allow from the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) for segments over eight feet six inches wide. ODOT will additionally have data on what days, hours and tracks your manufactured home can voyage. For additional data call ODOT at 503-373-0000.
  4. Pay all duties due throughout the current financial year before moving your home, particularly if moving it crosswise over area lines. This just applies assuming that you are moving a manufactured home you recently own, not new buys. You will additionally need to inform your current area assessor’s office of the new location.

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